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Vaginal Discharge Treatment in Gurgaon

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Every woman will have some level of discharge as a part of the body’s function. This discharge is nothing but liquid that comes from the vagina. The key purpose of the vaginal discharge is to lubricate the vagina and repel any infections.The vaginal discharge from a healthy vagina is usually clear or milky in color with no strong, unpleasant smell. It varies from a water consistency to a sticky consistency. The normal vaginal discharge is slightly acidic and thus repels germs.

Healthy vaginal discharge is made up of fluid from the vaginal walls, dead cells, and mucus from the cervix, as well as the lactobacilli and it is responsible for balancing the vaginal ecosystem. It has a characteristic smell that is not unpleasant or foul smelling. Apart from providing a protective environment, vaginal discharge also provides natural lubrication.

For women, it is important to understand what normal discharge is and how it varies throughout the menstrual cycle. Recognizing the different phases of your discharge is important to understand the hormonal pattern of your own body and helps you identify any abnormal changes as well. 
Lamidas provides best vaginal discharge treatment in Gurgaon.

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